Types Of Keyless Door Locks

Types Of Keyless Door Locks
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There is a growing population of believers and users of keyless door locks these days, and it is no wonder at all. With every aspect of our lives gradually moving to electronics, door locks are no exception.

If you are looking for something that combines reliability with convenience, then it is definitely an understandable go-to product for most since it gets rid of the pesky key problem for many people.

On top of that is also edgy and techy enough for any modern home or establishment and makes quite a good first impression for visitors if you get one of the fancy ones.

Different Types of Keyless Door Locks

It is current, efficient, and can even be cost-effective if you know which types to choose. But how do you choose? Below are a few of the most known types of keyless door locks that can commonly be found on the market today:


These imitate the function of your good old trusty deadbolt. It is, therefore, a good choice for a first keyless door lock for a homeowner who is looking for a new switch.

The good news with these types of keyless door locks is that it is quite affordable, almost as affordable as some conventional keyed deadbolts available today. They not only imitate the function of the conventional deadbolt but also their reliability.

You can fully depend on this type of keyless door lock to secure your home and your family at all times. Usually, it comes with a digital keypad where you can input your access code. For an added sense of security on your part, it also can come with an actual keyed entry for cases where you may forget your passcode as you adjust to your new and more modern locking mechanism.

You can keep this key somewhere safe like a vault in your office so that you can access it in case you forget your code. Otherwise, you can choose to keep it with you in your wallet or a safe compartment in your bag so you can reach for it anytime you actually need to.


You may find this very similar to car locks these days. Instead of a key or a code, all you need is your remote and all you have to do is to push a button to unlock your door. Similar to keys, they do possess the risk of being lost or stolen, but unlike codes, you will not have to remember numbers that you may forget.

It is also quite a fun and notable way of unlocking your door for your guests at a distance. You would not have to come directly to the door to let them in – all you would have to do is push a button.

This kind of system is also useful for persons with disabilities or who might have a hard time moving around and getting to the door to unlock it. Or, if you are simply feeling a bit lazy, you could opt for this as well.


If you are into something more tech-savvy, you might want to take a look at this type of keyless door lock. Biometric fingerprint keyless door locks have been around for quite some time now, but they are slowly gaining popularity nowadays since their manufacture has become more and more widespread. There are also a good variety of these biometric locks to choose from.

The good thing is that with this type of keyless lock you do not need to remember any codes you run the risk of forgetting, especially if you choose one that is not at all related to you and at a random with no patterns or clues. Another good thing with this type of keyless door lock is that you do not run the risk of losing the key or having it stolen because it is right on your hand and is a part of your body. You will always have the key with you.

If you are worried about only a single person having access to your home, some of these biometric lock systems actually allow up to a certain number of fingerprints so that you can input the fingerprints of your family or the members of your household as well.