Top 5 Benefits of Keyless Entry Locks

keyless entry locks
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The main purpose of having a lock is for protection. Protection and safety from unwanted visitors. The lock-and-key method is the most common method of lock safety. There are other methods though. Keyless entry locks have made huge leaps in security and affordability. Here are 5 reasons why keyless entry locks are great choices for your home.


How many times have you left the house and realized you forgot your keys? Keyless entry locks are perfect for situations like this. Instead of requiring a physical key, you can use an e-Key.

This could take the form of a mobile app or a Bluetooth signal. By pairing your lock to Bluetooth or an app, you can unlock your door with a simple tap.

It’s also convenient when trying to give other people access to your home. Imagine you’re stuck at work but your girlfriend is waiting for you to open the door. With keyless entry locks, you can send them e-Keys through an app that will let them in. You could also give them access to the key beforehand. There’s no more need to worry about rushing back home to open the door for anyone.


Burglaries are common threats for households everywhere. Anybody that wants to could break into your home, even if you have a traditional lock system. The most common entry point for burglaries is through unlocked doors. Keyless entry locks and integrated systems can solve that. Imagine a door that will lock itself if you’ve left the house for over 10 minutes.

Or. if you step out but someone’s at home, it’ll sense the person so that they leave it unlocked. With keyless entry locks, these extra functionalities are possible. There are also no key slots.

The locking mechanism activates through a sensor and computer algorithm. It’s not easy to hack and it’s definitely inaccessible for the common thief. With smart doors and locking systems, you can control who comes in and out of your house.


Keyless entry locks are easy to integrate with existing security systems. There are several things you can connect to your keyless entry lock. From surveillance cameras to alarms, your system can keep you aware of your entire home. It can also offer more functions within a smaller package. Time-determined locking and scheduling are also possible through connectivity. Older traditional lock systems don’t offer this type of coverage.


You don’t have to entrust a set of keys to your kids or your grandparents anymore. Give access to the house’s lock system through their phones. You don’t have to worry about your kids losing their keys if they get home before you get back.

With a smart keyless entry lock or a smart pad, that is no longer a concern.


Traditional locks can wear down over time. Whether it’s due to rust or heavy handling, they can malfunction. With an electronic lock, you lose the repetitive friction of shaking the keys in the locking unit. Press a button or tap a phone to the keypad and your door unlocks itself. Methodical and precise.

Which Keyless Entry Lock Is Right For You?

It can be hard to discern what type of lock you should get. You need to find a keyless entry lock that is right for your home. Is it durable? Does it have warranty? What functions does it include? What can it connect to? If you need answers, check us out for great reviews on different units you can buy.