Schlage FE595VCAM619ACC Camelot Review

Schlage FE595VCAM619ACC Camelot Review
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How many times have you happened to misplace your keys or have had to fumble with a huge keychain just to get to the right one? It’s easier and more secure to just rely on a modern keyless lock to both keep your mind at ease and keep the stress of handling a set of unwieldy keys to a minimum.

If you’d like to be able to take advantage of using a few simple keystrokes to get you through the door while still having the option of using a traditional key, renowned lock manufacturer Schlage has a model that doesn’t fail to impress.

Features of the Schlage FE595VCAM619ACC Camelot

Design-wise, the whole lock is both beautiful and functional. The handle in particular is sleek and elegant, looking right at home on a bedroom door or an office door. The style is further enhanced by seven distinct color choices ranging from dark aged bronze, through brass and nickel, to bright chrome. This abundance of color allows you to pair the lock perfectly with other locks in your house and to have it go hand in hand with your style.

Well thought-out design choices don’t end there. The lock’s keypad is positioned directly above the handle and protrudes to the outside and up, giving you a clear view of the keys without having to crouch.

The keypad emits a pleasing blue light when pressed, making the lock easy to use in the night time. The quality of the keypad is excellent as the individual numbers don’t show any signs of rubbing off even after years of use.

The lock should fit nicely in any standard-sized hole after a brief and easy installation. Depending on the position of your door’s hinges, it can be set to either the left or the right with minimal adjustments to the handle.

The finish is both scratch and weather resistant, making this a great solution for securing a tool shed or garage since it holds up without issues even after being exposed to sub-zero temperatures throughout the winter.

The lights and electronic lock are powered by a nine volt battery that shouldn’t need replacing too often. When the time does come, disassembling the lock to get to it and putting everything back in is over within ten minutes or less. The lock will automatically inform you once it starts to get low on power so you can prepare in time.

Another interesting thing about the lock are the different ways in which you can use it. If you have a family member or colleague who doesn’t want to bother with memorizing four-digit lock codes, there’s your garden variety keyhole that opens the door just as well that opens up by using one of the two provided keys.

For everyone else there’s the intuitive passkey mechanism – set up a master key and up to eight other ones to give access to different people. Since it’s a flex lock, it can be set to automatically lock the door a few seconds after it is opened, or give free access at times when there’s frequent traffic.

The nature of a handle makes this lock tricky to use in small or cluttered spaces. Although you can put it on a storage room’s door or use it to secure a walk-in closet, there needs to be free space to the side and down for the handle to function properly. It also doesn’t lock from the inside. While this isn’t a problem in and of itself, it may prove to be a drawback for people with children and pets as pushing the handle down from the inside opens the door.


  • Can be used both with a standard key and via the keypad
  • Excellent wear and weather resistance makes the lock suitable for outdoor use during the whole year
  • Attractive design and many color options to choose from
  • Can quickly be switched from an automatic lock to free passage
  • Keys are durable, light up and are easy visible thanks to good positioning


  • The lock doesn’t lock the door from the inside
  • Handles take up more space than knobs and can be accidentally obstructed


In line with what you’d expect from a popular and successful company like Schlage, this keyless lock offers a good balance of features and quality at a mid-range price. It adds both security and style to the space it protects, is versatile to use and durable enough to endure even harsh conditions for years, without needing even so much as a battery replacement.

Whether you want to beef up the security of your backdoor or let the neighbor housesit while you’re on vacation without entrusting them with a spare key, Schlage’s keyless lock is an effective way to go about it. Not to mention it will spruce up any room you install it in, and that’s always a plus.