SAMSUNG SHS-6020 Digital Door Lock Review

SAMSUNG SHS-6020 digital door lock
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You want your home lock to look cool and modern, but you also want it to be very efficient and packed with safety features. This SAMSUNG SHS-6020 Digital Door Lock has both and plenty more.

Features of the SAMSUNG SHS-6020 Digital Door Lock

  • Touch screen based
  • Dual way security through magic number
  • Access method (Password, Key Tag, Credit Card, etc.)
  • Safe from electric shock by applying circuit technology that can withstand high voltage
  • Fire detection sensor mounted by indoor temperature monitoring (an alarm is sounded at 60 degrees Celsius or above)
  • Intrusion detection alarm sound in case of physical shock or repeated error in authentication
  • Crime setting feature sounds alarm if door lock is operated inside home when you are out
  • Automatic lock feature


You can take one look at the SAMSUNG SHS-6020 Digital Door Lock and assume that this is one techy lock. Like most phones and computers these days, Samsung made sure to give their keyless lock a touchscreen as well.

The sleek exterior and the glass screen add a classy modern touch to your home no matter which door you place it on. You can place it on your front door to wow your guests, or at your home lab or workshop for that touch of modernism to inspire you before you get down to business.

The dual way security which is ensured through a magic number is also another subtle modern touch to your digital door lock, as not many keyless door locks have this feature.

You have multiple access methods with this keyless door lock and not just an access code. Despite being keyless, you can still use actual objects to unlock your door that does not involve a key or a passcode. It could possibly be a key tag, your credit card, or a personalized item that the unit can easily scan in order to verify your access and unlock the door to allow you in.

The SAMSUNG SHS-6020 Digital Door Lock is also packed with safety features that not only make it efficient and reliable but also safer for you and your home. It has an applied circuit technology that allows it to withstand high voltage so you can be sure that you are safe from electric shock.

Not many electronic keyless door locks have this, despite being made of conductive metal material. It is also able to monitor surrounding temperatures inside the home. If it detects temperatures that exceed 60 degrees Celsius it gives out a fire alarm to protect your family and your home from harm.

Another alarm that this keyless door lock has is an intrusion alarm, which goes a step further to protect your home. In case of physical shock or an attempt at picking or destroying the unit, it gives off an alarm sound to alarm and dissuades the person who tries to forcibly enter your home.

The same alarm also sounds in case there is a repeated input of the wrong code, so your code will be quite difficult to guess, given the limited number of chances that they have to input the right code to open the door.

And finally, it goes all out with its crime setting, which lets the alarm go off in case the unit is handled from inside the house after you have stepped out and locked it from the outside.

Having someone handle it from the inside may mean that they have accessed your home through other passages such as a window or an unprotected back door and are trying to get out through the protected door or are trying to open the way for their companions, which could result in more danger for you and your possessions if left unresolved.

To allow you peace of mind, the SAMSUNG SHS-6020 Digital Door Lock comes with an automatic lock feature that locks down the door once you step out for a set period of time.


The automatic lock feature may be fine and dandy for many but may pose a problem if you are expecting a lot of guests coming over at random intervals.

You may have to unlock the unit repeatedly for each guest that arrives since it will automatically lock when the door is closed. Also, if you have a hard time understanding English, and are not familiar with Chinese, you may find it hard since the instructions are printed in only these two languages and no more.


Safety is this keyless door lock’s middle name. It comes with multiple features that focus mainly on safety and security, so if you are serious about your home security, then this is the lock for you. And the touchscreen interface is a cool and modern bonus.

You can get a closer look at this keyless door lock over on Amazon.