How To Reset Keyless Door Lock

How To Reset Keyless Door Lock
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Setting a keyless door lock is one thing, but resetting it, especially if you have lost or forgotten your code, is an entirely different thing.

For most electronic keyless door locks, you will still have to unlock your door before getting the chance to reset your code to change it into something that you will most likely remember the next time. There is no single way how to reset keyless door lock, especially if you no longer have the code with you, so what there is left to do is to override the system and unlock it manually.

So, How To Reset Keyless Door Lock?

This may set off a burglar alarm if your keyless lock is installed with a burglar alarm system, though if you have the right tools and resources on how to reset keyless door lock you might not encounter any trouble.

One of these resources that you may need is your keyless door lock’s user guide. Since keyless door locks vary from lock to lock, overriding them may also vary from lock to lock.

There will be subtle or grand differences between each so you will need to pay special attention to detail when attempting to manually override your keyless lock. For some models, the user’s guide may come with an actual manual override key that enables you to open the lock manually using a special key, used specifically for that purpose.

Another use of the guide is for emergency overriding, which may point out a small lever or slot somewhere within the lock’s front plate that you may have to manually lift or move in order to lift the lock from within. This typically destroys your device and is used as a last resort for emergency situations. There may be several reasons as to why you might want to find out how to reset keyless door lock in your home.

You may be worried about losing access to your code, or finding that your code has been changed without your knowledge so you are now locked out of your home. Below are a few simple tips to keep in mind when using a keyless door lock in order to avoid such situations:

  • Do away with the default code that could come with your lock system. As soon as you install your keyless door lock, change it immediately into something that is yours and yours alone.
  • Codes that begin with the number one are much more common than those that begin with other numbers. Try to choose between two to nine to start off your code.
  • Steer clear of using codes that are similar to your passcodes to other things such as your credit card or bank PIN. This could lead you and all of your assets vulnerable should anyone dangerous find out.
  • Choose numbers that are not adjacent to each other on the keypad so that they are a lot harder to guess at.
  • Never use patterns. Patterns are predictable and therefore easily guessed. Patterns such as consecutive odd or even numbers, the infamous 1234, and even the value of Pi are all predictable and therefore unsafe.
  • Never use personal details since these can be researched and therefore used to infringe upon your property. Codes such as birthdays, anniversaries, and even telephone or mobile numbers are not safe at all.
  • Finally, to help you remember your passcode, you may use letters and translate them into numbers to help you remember. You can pick a favorite quote such as “roses are red, violets are blue, take the first letter of each word “RARVAB” and then find their corresponding number in the keypad: 727822 –which is not quite as predictable but memorable enough for you. If you want to be extra safe, you may pick out the second letter of each word or the last letter of each word for an extra dose of security.

Again, there is no one singular way on how to reset keyless door lock for every door. That is why it is important to keep your user’s guide readily on hand as well as all of the accessories that come with it. It is also best to pick out a strong code that you will easily remember by following the tips listed above.