How To Change Code On Keyless Door Lock

How To Change Code On Keyless Door Lock
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Door locks have evolved quite a lot over the decades. Different features and designs, as well as material and make, allow these contraptions to keep us and our property safe from thieves and other human dangers.

These days, the latest when it comes to basic home protection and door locks is the keyless door lock. It functions just like your regular door lock except that instead of a key, you use a code to unlock it.

There are many different advantages to using a keyless door lock over an old-fashioned lock with a key. For one, you don’t have to worry about a small, easily-misplaced key which could ultimately doom you if you are not careful enough to remember where it is at all times and you do not keep a spare in case of emergencies.

Keeping spares around such as under front door mats or flower pots can also pose a danger since they could easily be picked up or found by intruders. Keyless door locks are also safe from intruders because they cannot be picked, unlike door locks with keys. They do not have an entry point that may be tampered with by anyone who does not know the code.

If you are using a keyless door lock for a vacation home, you can simply share your lock code to relatives who may come by and need to use the house for some time. This way, you would not have to go through the trouble of passing keys around, especially if you are out of town, and you do not have to risk leaving a spare unprotected which could easily be found by strangers or thieves.

Code Change: How To Change Code On Keyless Door Lock?

You can make your code simple enough to remember or complicated enough to be almost impossible to guess. These combinations may be changed whenever you want. If you are looking for methods on how to change code on keyless door lock, take a look at the steps below:

1.  On the front plate of your keyless door lock, you will find four screws that secure it to the base. The first thing you need to do is to remove these screws using a screwdriver.

Once the four screws are removed, the face plate may now be dislodged carefully. If you turn the front plate over, you will see the back of it, which is the crucial component on how to change code on keyless door lock.

2.  On the back of the front plate, you will find the main button, for most keyless door locks, this is a ā€œCā€ or control button. Take note of this button because you will be holding down this button for the entire process of resetting your lock code.

3.  While holding down the C button, lift out the existing lock numbers to deactivate them. You may use tweezers or any small pinching device that could help you lift out the tiny numbers that represent your present lock.

4.  Once your present code has been lifted, you may now input your desired code, still while pressing the C button. Once your new code has been placed in, you may release the C button and your new code may now be activated.

5.  Place the front plate back onto its base and screw it back in using the four screws that you previously removed. Make sure that you secure it tightly so that it does not fall off easily when shaken.

6.  Make sure to test out your new door lock code to ensure that it is operational. If not, repeat the steps above or call your local keyless lock service provider.

Those are the steps on how to change code on keyless door lock for most models of keyless door locks available on the market today.

When setting your lock code, make sure that your code is something that you would easily remember, but try not to input codes that are too obvious such as birthdates, anniversaries, or other numbers that can be easily attributed to you personally since these are too easy to trace.

Also, pick a lock code that can easily be mastered by most family members of the house, and even your kids so that they can get in even without your presence. If used correctly and efficiently, your keyless door lock will provide you safety and security for you and your family.