How To Change Battery In Keyless Door Lock

How To Change Battery In Keyless Door Lock
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Keyless door locks are an efficient and reliable security tool to keep your home and your business from intruders or robbers. They are a lot more convenient than conventional locks that require the use of keys that get lost or stolen.

That is most likely why more and more people opt for keyless door locks these days. However, keyless door locks operate using electricity that is administered through a battery, and just like any other electronic apparatus, its batteries run out of energy over time.

How To Change Battery In Keyless Door Lock?

It is a good thing then that electronic keyless door locks use very little energy to operate; their original batteries can last for up to five years with good use. And when they do run out of juice, these devices are equipped with a warning system to alert you that it may be time for a battery change. Below are a few indicators of low battery with a keyless door lock:

  • An indicator light – Usually these locks come with an indicator light that is specially placed to indicate if your device is running low on power. This gives you enough time to buy a new set of batteries and replace them in time before they fully run dry. It may either just switch on spontaneously or start blinking, depending on what model and brand your keyless door lock is.
  • A sound alarm – Whether it’s a beep or a ring, some electronic keyless door locks have sound alarms that sound off when the battery is running low. This is perfect for people who do not usually have to time to check their device every now and then or may simply neglect to take a look to see if there is a light on or if it is blinking.
  • A PC or cellular notification – For people who truly cannot be bothered to check their locks or might not be able to hear it over the cacophony of their household, there are some locks which are able to connect to your computer or cell phone to notify you that the power is running low.
  • Combination alarm – For some who want to make sure that they are truly notified and aware that their door lock’s battery is almost out, there are some brands and models that offer multiple alarms that combine light and sound, sound and PC notification, or all three.

Now that you know how to check if your keyless door lock’s battery is running low, you might be wondering how to change battery in keyless door lock as a next step.

How to change battery in keyless door lock is likely simple, with small variations between brands and models. Below are a few simple steps which you may employ in order to have your keyless door lock batteries changed:

  • The first step on how to change battery in keyless door lock is to locate the battery. Most of the time, batteries for an electronic lock may be located within the cover of the lock itself, so you will have to remove the lock cover in order to do so. All you will need for this is a screwdriver that fits the screws that secure your lock cover onto the lock base. Typically, there will be four screws; however, depending on brand and model, you might come across more or fewer screws with your keyless door lock.
  • Many electronic door locks make use of 9-volt alkaline batteries, although this might vary for some other brands and models. All you have to do is to take out the old battery and replace it with a similar new battery, making sure that it is in the proper position and is firmly in place and secured so that it will not easily fall out. 9-volt batteries have snap connectors that need to be firmly applied to the tip of the battery in order for them to function.
  • When the battery has been replaced and is firmly secured in its case, simply put back the cover and screw it back into place. When replacing the cover, make sure that there are no wires or any internal components of the lock protruding. Make sure all the parts are safely tucked in so that they do not get caught between the lock cover and the base to protect them from damage.