How Does an Electric Door Lock Work?

electric door lock
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It happened for the eightieth time, your teenager calls and says they have lost their house key and they cannot get in.

Don’t get too mad. In Chicago alone, the amount of reported home lockouts averages a staggering 200 a day!

You could make another copy of your key, but then someone could find the lost key and have access to your home. You could also replace the lock, but that is not cheap. Especially when less responsible family members continue to lose the keys.

There is a better solution!

You could ditch your traditional door lock and get an electric door lock.

Keep reading to learn how electric door locks work and why you need one today!

What Is an Electric Door Lock?

An electric door lock is a lock for your home that uses various keyless entry methods:


This is the most affordable option and looks the most like the standard door locks.

The deadbolt option has a keypad where a person would enter a code to get access to the house.

If you forget the code or the battery dies, don’t panic! Many deadbolt electric door locks also have a keyhole for a regular key entry.

Remote Controlled

Are you a bit concerned that you cannot remember your lock code?

The remote keyless entry lock has a key fob like ones that unlock cars.

All you need to do is press a button to unlock your door from a distance. Which doubles as a nifty parlor trick for guests when the door unlocks on its own!

This option is best for those who have a hard time remembering codes or if you have mobility issues which make accessing and using a regular door lock difficult.


For the die-hard tech fan, there is the biometric electric door lock system.

This type of lock uses your finger pressed on a pad so it can read your fingerprint. You can even add several fingerprints to the database so several people can unlock the door.

Once added, only those with their fingerprints in the system can unlock the door.

No need to ever update your fingerprint because they develop during the 17th week of gestation and never ever change!

This method is great because there is no code to remember and you cannot lose the “key” because your finger is part of your hand!

Installation Options

You could choose to have the home security people install the lock for you. That way you know everything lines up and they can help you get set up.

The other option is to install the door lock yourself. If you want to save a bit of money and you are familiar with changing door locks, this may be a better option for you.

Go Keyless

We live in a world that is always becoming more technological. More products are coming out that make your home a “smart home”.

The electric door lock is a great option to keep you from ever losing your key and getting locked out again.

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