HARFO HL10 Keyless Keypad Door Lock Review

HARFO HL10 Keyless Keypad Door Lock
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A keyless keypad door lock with a large code capacity, a built-in alarm, and additional security features that are simply impressive –that is the HARFO HL10 Keyless Keypad Door Lock.

Features of the HARFO HL10 Keyless Keypad Door Lock

  • May be unlocked either with passcode or metal key
  • Made of durable zinc alloy and full metal jacket
  • Can store up to 51 user passwords, which includes two admin passwords
  • Reversible lever
  • Always unlock mode available
  • Alarm warning for three wrong password inputs, which lock the unit for 10 minutes with a 15-second beep
  • Anti-peeping mechanism allows you to add any number before or after your password


This door lock makes sure to give you choices. You can open it with either a passcode or a metal key which is provided with the set. This is especially helpful for people who are just getting started with transitioning from key-operated locks to passcode locks.

Also, this gives you an extra layer of security knowing that should you forget your passcode or if something goes amiss, you can easily whip out the metal key and open your lock with it. You can simply keep your key in a safe place or with you at all times so that you can feel secure as well, knowing that you have a backup right in your pocket.

The casing is made up of durable zinc alloy, which is resistant to corrosion and is very resilient; you can enjoy the protection and security that it provides for quite a long time to come.

The alloy will not easily dent or bend, and will not easily split or break and most importantly, it will not easily rust, which is especially important if you are looking to place it on your front or main door which will leave it exposed to the elements such as humidity, heat, rain, and dirt.

You can store up to a whopping 51 passcodes with the HARFO HL10 Keyless Keypad Door Lock. This includes the two main admin passcodes for an added layer of security. That means that even big establishments with multiple tenants can definitely enjoy unencumbered access to and from the building.

This is applicable for apartment buildings with up to fifty rooms, offices and warehouses with a good number of employees entering and leaving the building at different instances, and even households with a big number of family members who may have different schedules and come and go frequently.

Whether you are a lefty or a righty, you can never go wrong with this keyless door lock because the lever is reversible to accommodate any orientation that you may please. No need to search far and wide to find the right lever that will suit your needs, because the reversible lever of this door lock is versatile to fit anybody no matter what their dominant side is.

In case you want your door to be open at all times for an event such as a party in your house, all you have to do is to put the unit in always unlock mode so that all of your guests and friends can enter your home without you having to come to the door every time to unlock it for them.

Added security features are also present with this HARFO product. You will find that there is a sound alarm that goes off after three failed password attempts.

The beep sound lasts for about fifteen seconds and disables the unit for ten minutes so you are unable to input any more passwords for the next ten minutes. This provides a distraction and could possibly dissuade anybody who is trying to enter your home without your permission.

On top of that, it also has an anti-peeping mechanism that allows you to input any number before or after your password to confuse anybody who might be in plain view of your lock keypad and may take note of your number inputs.


The HARFO HL10 Keyless Keypad Door Lock is battery operated with a battery lifespan of about one year.

This means that there may come a time within the year where you may have to replace the battery. You may also run the danger of the battery dying out while the unit is locked, which would require you to seek professional help.


The security measures on this keyless door lock are indeed one step ahead of any intruder or thief.