Bravex Keyless Lock Keypad Review

Bravex Keyless Lock Keypad
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If you are looking for a special keyless door lock that is made for left-handed people, then you have just found the right one.

Features of the Bravex Keyless Lock Keypad

  • For standard single bore doors. With 4 additional drilled fasteners.
  • For left-handed inward-open doors
  • 4-8 digit code options, over 8000 possible codes
  • Best for wood or metal doors with 35 to 50-millimetre thickness
  • Ideal for office, workshop, storerooms, archives, stockrooms
  • Easy to install, no need for wiring, batteries or power installation
  • 100% stainless steel, enhanced anti-corrosion surface
  • Does not lock automatically


Any standard single bore door will benefit from the Bravex Keyless Lock Keypad. You can be assured that it will fit just fine and perfect with four additional screws to fasten the unit into place. This way, you can be assured that your keyless lock stays in place no matter what. It is ideal for doors that are made of wood or metal with a thickness of 35 to 50 millimeters.

This means that this keyless door lock is ideal for almost all standard sized doors of most standard thickness. You would not have to replace your door to accommodate your new lock as it will surely fit almost any door that you currently have.

What is great about this model is that it is made specifically for left-handed persons as it is left oriented for doors that open inwards. If you are a lefty, or so happen to know one who just got a new house or is renovating, then this is the perfect gift for them. They will surely love the convenience of orientation that this keyless lock has to offer.

With this keyless door lock, the passcode combinations are astounding –almost eight thousand possible codes that may consist of four to eight digits. You can be assured of safety and security with a strong passcode. Just make sure to choose one wisely. You can check out tips and advice on how to choose a strong passcode online.

Another good thing about the Bravex Keyless Lock Keypad is that it is super-fast and easy to install. There is absolutely no need for any wiring, and since it is not electronic and is made fully of hardware, there will also be no need for power installation or batteries.

This means that you will not have to go through the trouble of dealing with drained batteries or put you in peril in case of power outages. There is absolutely no cost in buying new batteries or any additional cost to your power bill since it is entirely mechanical and non-electronic.

This keyless door lock is made up of pure stainless steel that is made to withstand weather and moisture. It has an enhanced anti-corrosion surface that ensures that even if you situate it at your front door where it is exposed to the elements, and even if you live in a humid or rainy area, you can rest assured that your keyless lock will stay shiny and new all the time throughout the years.

The pure stainless steel ensures you that you will get to enjoy keyless security in your home or office for a long time to come since you can be assured of excellent quality and a very durable and long-wearing make.

Whether if it is for home or business use, you can definitely count on the Bravex Keyless Lock Keypad to keep your place secured. This keyless door lock is just perfect for areas such as storerooms or stockrooms, offices, archives, or warehouses that you would want limited access to and would want a passcode protection to be active.


This keyless door lock does not lock automatically, unlike other automated keyless locks. This could either be a benefit or disadvantage for you, but if you are the type who often forgets to lock the door as you leave or if you want to make the keyless switch for more peace of mind when leaving the house knowing that it has been locked, then this is probably not the right lock for you. Also, there has been feedback about the unit not being able to unlock from the inside, so in case you have locked yourself in, you might have to call for help to get you out.


The Bravex Keyless Lock Keypad left-handed design is a good call for people who are left-handed or are more comfortable in opening doors in this fashion. This reduces the stress of having to open a door in an uncomfortable way. Also, the fact that it is mechanical and not electronic will definitely be a great advantage in terms of cost and convenience.